GrapeCity - Our Story

Solid foundation

For over 25 years, GrapeCity has provided award-winning reporting and business intelligence solutions, software services and enterprise solutions to Fortune 1000 companies in the hi tech, financial, healthcare, government and other vertical markets. Our focus on innovative solutions that deliver deep business value to our customers has resulted in award-winning enterprise solutions for high-tech, financial, healthcare, and other industries—and our award-winning solutions for spreadsheets, reporting, and business intelligence are #1 in sales worldwide.

Trusted by global brands

Many leading companies around the world have chosen GrapeCity as their source for industry-proven products and services, including Microsoft Corporation, Intel, Accenture, IBM, Hewlett Packard, the Internal Revenue Service, Nike, Coca Cola, the Upjohn Company, Blue Cross and Blue Shield, Dun and Bradstreet, Chase Manhattan Bank, World Savings Bank, the Federal Reserve Bank, the office of the President of the United States, and many more.

Best-selling spreadsheet, reporting and business intelligence products

The ActiveReports line of products practically invented the .NET reporting category over a decade ago. Since then, it has been the award-winning .NET reporting tool of choice for tens of thousands of applications worldwide. And our Spread product line has been the world's best-selling .NET spreadsheet technology for more than a decade. Today, it has successfully expanded to include analytical and business intelligence tools used by tens of thousands of developers worldwide.

The bottom line

When you buy our products, you have the confidence that comes with buying from a market leader. For the past decade, over 100,000 users of our products have adapted and enriched them with their experience and skills, contributing to a global online knowledge base through innumerable forum discussions, articles, comparisons, blogs, and e-mails. It's that depth of experience that has made our products best-sellers worldwide.

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