Features for Business Users, IT, Developers

ActiveReports Server is a 100% Web-based, rich, ad hoc reporting solution, enabling business users to easily create interactive reports.

Its browser-based ad hoc report designer, and secure, scalable storage, support multi-tenant reporting, and include a SDK for accelerating self-service BI much more effectively than traditional reporting tools.

For Business Users

ActiveReports Server makes it easy to create sophisticated, interactive ad hoc reports without knowing any technical details.

  • Rich, drag-and-drop report designer with an intuitive user interface makes ad hoc reporting a snap.
  • Interactive, ad hoc reports with drill down, print and export options are available right in your web browser.
  • Flexible design options for tables, text, charts, images, and themes help you create great-looking reports.
  • Familiar business views of your data eliminate the need to know SQL or any technical details.
  • Built-in scheduling and delivery options make it easy to deliver your reports on time to multiple stakeholders.

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Mobile BI Features

For IT

100% Web-based reporting with multi-tenant support, simplifies management, delivering faster returns on your investment.

  • Web-based platform eliminates the need to install software on desktops.
  • Support for multi-tenant self-service reporting in SaaS offerings.
  • Auto-generation of familiar business views of data saves training time.
  • Self-service reporting frees up IT staff for other priorities.
  • Central role-based security makes assigning permissions fast and easy.
  • LDAP support enables single sign-on for Active Directory users.

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For Developers

ActiveReports Server lets you easily add out-of-the-box Web-based end user reporting, with no per-user fees.

  • Support for storage, rendering, and distribution of ActiveReports developer RPX report files.
  • Server-based perpetual licensing for cost-effective deployment to large numbers of users.
  • Web services and ASP.NET components for easy programmatic integration.
  • Support for multi-tenant reporting in SaaS offerings.
  • Ability to re-brand the report designer with customized colors, captions, etc.

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