News, Press Releases

January 2014

ActiveReports Server is now part of ActiveReports 8.

March 2013

Supply Chain Sciences Selects GrapeCity’s ActiveReports Server for Both Pre-Built and Ad Hoc Reports

February 2013

GrapeCity’s ActiveReports Server Adds Support for Automating Deployments

January 2013

GrapeCity’s ActiveReports Server Enables Ad Hoc Reporting on PostgreSQL Database, Adds Advanced Scheduling Capabilities

October 2012

Champ IT selects ActiveReports Server as its Web-Based Electronic Medical Record (EMR) Reporting Solution

September 2012

ActiveReports Server by GrapeCity Extends Ad Hoc Reporting Benefits to Mobile Devices

Team Askin Technologies, Inc. selects ActiveReports Server to replace Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services for ad hoc reporting

August 2012

GrapeCity’s ActiveReports Server Sees Ad Hoc Reporting Adoption in Healthcare and Finance

July 2012

Latest ActiveReports Server Release by GrapeCity Enhances Embedded Ad Hoc Reporting Capabilities

June 2012

MDH Technology Selects ActiveReports Server as their Web-Based Ad Hoc Reporting Solution

April 2012

ActiveReports Server Business Users Can Use Multi-Level Filtering Prompts for their Web-Based Ad Hoc Reports

March 2012

New ActiveReports Server Release Adds the Power of Formulas to Its Web-Based Ad Hoc Report Designer

January 2012

ActiveReports Server Enables Interactive Ad Hoc Reports for Its Web-Based Self-Service Reporting Solution

October 2011

ActiveReports Server Enables Single Sign-On for Self-Service Reporting with Support for Active Directory Authentication

September 2011

DevProConnections News: GrapeCity Releases ActiveReports Server Web Reporting Solution

GrapeCity Announces ActiveReports Server – A Fully Web-Based Rich Self-Service Reporting Solution for Business Users

August 2011

ActiveReports Server Beta Introduces Stunningly Rich Web-Based Ad Hoc Self-Service Reporting for Business Users