Software Releases

Jan 09, 2014: ActiveReports 8 Notes

  • GrapeCity announces ActiveReports 8 with Server and Ad-hoc Designer add-ons.
  • ActiveReports 8 customers can now purchase the core server, and optionally, the ad hoc designer.
  • ActiveReports 8 adds Maps, enhances Bar Codes, and includes new enhancements and fixes.

Sep 04, 2013: Release Notes

  • Added functionality to migrate a data model while replacing the database connection string in the Migration Script Sample.
  • End users can now format table cells by merging them together to span across multiple columns using the Report Designer.
  • Relative Dates can now be set as default values for prompts using the Report Designer.
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May 13, 2013: Release Notes

  • Input parameters for Stored Procedure-based entities in the data model can now prompt the user designing or executing the report. These prompts behave like other report filters and can use values from other Entities, administrator-defined lists, or any user-defined values.
  • Fixed ActiveTunes Sample data model for expression-based attributes.
  • Cleaned up Audit Data Model to remove duplicate relations.
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March 26, 2013: Release Notes

  • Auditing: ActiveReports Server can now log all report execution and user authentication data in an auditing database. When enabled, it provides automatic reports for administrative use, and admins can create new reports based on audit log data.
  • New and re-vamped sample reports show the Cosmo theme and new Styles.
  • In the Logical Model Editor, Administrators can now add new Entities and Attributes based on tables and fields that were added to the database after the model was created by simply choosing them from a list.
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February 6, 2012: Release Notes

  • Programmers can now hide the report designer "File" tab when integrating the designer into an existing application.
  • When the user chooses "Select All" in prompts, we generate a more optimized query for the WHERE clause.
  • ActiveReports Server automatically serves an HTML5 version of the portal when we detect that Flash is not installed on a desktop PC (non-mobile device).
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December 21, 2012: Release Notes

  • Scheduled Reports can now be delivered to Windows File Share folders in addition to email.
  • The new Shared Schedules feature provides administrative control over user-scheduled reports.
  • Added support for ad hoc, self-service reporting on PostgreSQL Databases.
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September 28, 2012: Release Notes

  • Added a HiddenElements property to the ad-hoc report designer control for ASP.NET so that SaaS companies can hide the Help and Feedback buttons in the designer.
  • When scheduling reports, users can now specify the subject and body of the email and send customized emails for each scheduled report.
  • Context menu improvements in the ad-hoc report designer now provide a better user experience.
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August 14, 2012: Release Notes

  • Added a mobile Report Portal that ensures an optimal user experience when accessing reports on mobile devices.
  • Improved several documentation issues.
  • If an error occurs during installation and installation is rolled back, windows services are no longer completely removed.
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June 27, 2012: Release Notes

  • Administrators can now create logical data model entities based on stored procedures.
  • Multi-tenant software as a service (SaaS) applications can now use tenant-specific "User Context" values as input values to stored procedure parameters.
  • The default permissions for newly created reports now assign the full permissions ("Owner") to only the report creator. No other user will have permissions by default. An administrator or the owner will have to explicitly grant permissions to other users in order to share the report.
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April 16, 2012: Release Notes

  • Filter prompts can now cascade so that you can link the available values for one prompt to the selected value in another prompt.
  • The ASP.NET Report Designer control now has a "ModelName" property that allows you to open the designer to a new report already bound to the specified model.
  • Added "Submit Feedback" buttons in the Designer and Administrator Dashboard to make it easier for users to submit suggestions for improvement.
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March 1, 2012: Release Notes

  • Filter parameters and prompt values can now be placed inside of a textbox to show the chosen filter parameters in the report.
  • Advanced interactive WYSIWYG support for page headers and footers have been added. Now you can show or hide headers on the first, last, or every page of the report.
  • Multiple attributes can now be concatenated together in a single textbox. Just edit the textbox and drag and drop the attributes into the text.
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January 4, 2012: Release Notes

  • Reports now support interactive drill down or drill through from one report to another.
  • Table groups now support interactive drill down.
  • Reports that contain interactive drill-down tables are now interactive in Excel when the report is saved to Excel format.
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October 12, 2011: Release Notes

  • You can now use single sign on against Active Directory and other LDAP compatible directories.
  • Custom relations show more information about the corresponding attributes in the model editor.
  • Images stored in a database can now be shown on the report.
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August 30, 2011: Release Notes

  • Administrators can now control the domain and host used in e-mailed links to scheduled reports.
  • We now prevent sorting on an entity to avoid confusion. You must now choose an attribute on which to sort.
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August 3, 2011: Release 0.6.1974 Notes

  • Added a topic to the Administrator Guide in the Concepts section on Ad Hoc Entities.
  • Added a way for users to enter partial values for greater-than and less-than parameter filters.
  • Newly created parameters now have the nullability property set to be compatible with that of the associated attribute.
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