Walkthroughs Of Common Tasks

These key topics from the product documentation will help you to get a better sense of the self-service reporting features and the benefits of using ActiveReports Server.

Business Users: Common Reporting Tasks

Creating Your First Ad Hoc Report

Learn how you can create a tabular report, save it, and print it.

Working with Charts

Get started on creating great-looking chart-based reports.

Working with Text and Numbers

Text choices affect the overall report appearance. Learn how to make your report text look good.

Working with Images

See how easy it is to use and format images in your reports.

Working with Parameters

Learn how to work with parameters in your reports.

Scheduling Report Distribution

Learn how to distribute your reports using flexible scheduling options.

IT: Common Administration Tasks

Creating and Managing Logical Data Models

Learn how to create, view and manage logical data models.

Editing Logical Data Models

Learn how to modify logical data models.

Working with Themes

Learn how to add, rename and delete themes.

Working with Styles

Learn how to add, rename and delete styles.

Creating Users and Roles

Learn how to create and manage users and roles and to assign permissions to roles.

Managing Permissions

Learn how to set permissions on models and reports.

Using Security Providers

Learn how to manage custom and LDAP-compatible security providers such as Active Directory, and to create row-level security filters that use them. Useful for supporting multi-tenant reporting.

Adding Managed Agents for Scalability

Learn how managed agents work with the server to handle additional report execution loads.