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ActiveReports Server Product Overview

Discover 100% web-based,intuitive,ad hoc reporting for business users.

Customer Demo: Ad Hoc Reporting

Hear from a customer who used ActiveReports Server to launch a new reporting solution for their industry.

Implementing Multi-Tenant Reporting

Learn how ActiveReports Server’s approach to multi-tenancy is flexible enough to be compatible with various deployment scenarios.

Data Visualization Tips & Best Practices

Understand the fundamentals of data visualization and get practical tips and discover how to figure out the most effective visualization techniques for your data.

What is Ad Hoc Reporting

Discover the similarities and differences between adhoc reporting tools and developer reporting tools.

New Features Walkthrough

Learn new features and enhancements to ActiveReports Server

How to Embed ActiveReports Server

Discover how to integrate ad hoc reporting into web applications using asp.net components and Web Services.

Top 7 Product Features

Join us as we review our most popular features used by our customers across diverse industries.

A Business User Perspective

Watch how business users apply ActiveReports Server's drag-and-drop user interface to easily design interactive ad hoc reports.

Mobile BI Tips and Practices

Learn how to design and deploy ad hoc reports for business users on mobile devices.