Ad Hoc Reporting

What is ad hoc reporting?

An ad hoc report is a report created in real time, which gives users access to information that answers a single question or a discrete set of questions. 

These reports provide users with a breadth of knowledge and often take the form of tables or charts. Ad hoc reports serve an extremely important purpose. By addressing the specific questions workers have, they enable companies to leverage info in a time-efficient manner to improve vital functions and make more strategic decisions.


Ad Hoc Reporting

What can ad hoc reporting tools do for your company?

There are a variety of ad hoc reporting solutions available, and the best ones enable workers to not only view BI data, but work with it. For example, certain products feature a point-and-click  and drag-and-drop interface to access and manipulate specific data from the report. Within the reports, business users can also create queries that allow them to search for specific data. Other solutions empower users to create simple or sophisticated reports, by having functions that allow them to tailor the form of the report to best match its content and intended audience.

What does a good ad hoc reporting tool look like?

While ad hoc reports bring to light business-critical information that help enterprise users with their decision-making, strong ad hoc reporting tools will also have design elements that cater to easy viewing. This will help business users quickly find and comprehend the data they need. Other features of ad hoc reports may include data visualizations and the ability to connect with different kinds of data. Ad hoc reporting tools that are able to seamlessly integrate with other media products also can give business users more versatility.

How does ActiveReports Server meet the needs of business users who utilize ad hoc reports?

Features of ActiveReports Server include:

  • Intuitive user experience thanks to MS Office-like reporting that makes it easy to preview and design reports
  • Power of Logical Data Model Technology that abstracts the physical database and eliminates the need to know underlying details of the database
  • Easy-to-use report designer that allows any business user to create reports quickly and efficiently in any application
  • Interactive, ad hoc reports with drill-down, printing and export options available right in your web browser
  • Built-in scheduling and delivery options make it easy to deliver your reports on time to multiple stakeholders