Self-Service BI

What is self-service BI?

Self-service BI allows business users to work with data analytics and access business critical information without consulting the IT department. This practice requires business users to have knowledge of how to use BI tools to best leverage the corporate information they need in the decision-making processes. Self-service BI is also a way for end users to create personalized reports and analytical queries on their own, which increases overall efficiency by freeing up IT resources.

Self-Service BI

How can a business benefit from self-service BI?

Businesses that use self-service BI expect to see a high return on investment from their BI tools. Through self-service, business users have access to tools that allow them to mine their own data, which they can use to create reports and data visualizations, leading to quicker and more efficient business-critical decisions. Businesses that are using self-service BI to their advantage generally strike a balance in which IT deploys tools that execs and other workers use to create reports and drive productivity, opening new revenue streams and deepening their understanding of customers.

What are the components of a successful self-service BI strategy?

The idea behind self-service BI is that companies allow their IT staff to focus less on fielding BI-related requests and more on other aspects of a business. Keeping this in mind, successful deployments would include investing in self-service BI tools that allow users to create ad hoc reports, access a dashboard to view important data in a time-efficient manner, and harness the information that BI experts at the business possess.

How does ActiveReports Server meet the needs of business users that utilize self-service BI?

Features of ActiveReports Server include:

  • Design reports intuitively in your browser—it’s as easy as using a word processor
  • Create reports quickly with a free-form, drag-and-drop report designer that’s easier to use and more flexible than traditional click-through wizards
  • Save reports in Microsoft Excel, HTML, Image, Microsoft Word and Adobe PDF formats
  • Easily schedule and deliver ad hoc reports to multiple stakeholders, setting them to run once or at intervals of minutes, hours, days or weeks
  • Add new schedules, edit existing ones, or delete them—all from within your web browser
  • Collaborate with your colleagues on reporting by using shared data models