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Ensuring Self Service BI Adoption

10-Point Checklist for Ensuring Self-Service BI Adoption

Choosing a self-service business intelligence (BI) software solution is only the first step in implementing an analytics plan. Encouraging self-service BI adoption is both a technical and a human resource effort. This white paper offers a 10-point checklist for improving this process, and includes these questions and more in this easy-to-read white paper.Download the white paper

Choosing a Mobile BI Solution

Top 7 Tips for Choosing a Mobile BI Solution

Gartner predicts that by 2016, 40 percent of the global workforce will be mobile and, by 2018, 70 percent of mobile workers will use tablets or tablet-like devices. This white paper discusses in-depth the questions to ask when choosing a mobile ad hoc reporting solution.Download the white paper

Deploy Ad Hoc Reporting for Business Users

How to Effectively Deploy Ad Hoc Reporting for Business Users

With the ability to monitor business data in real time through Ad hoc reporting tools,organizations can improve decision making,responsiveness and work processes. Ironically,getting interactive reporting tools into users’workflows can be its own logistical challenge effort.This white paper offers five tips for easing that process and discusses in detail how to effectively deploy ad hoc reporting for business users.Download the white paper

Data Visualization Best Practices

5 Data Visualization Best Practices for Ad Hoc Reporting

When it comes to explaining information, particularly complex numerical data, there are few approaches more powerful than telling a story visually.This white paper outlines a few basic data visualization principles to improve the clarity and impact of visualizations, ensuring that the story in the data is expressed as effectively as possibleDownload the white paper

Ad Hoc Reporting Features Liked by Customers

Top 5 Ad Hoc Reporting Features Liked by Customers

ActiveReports Server was introduced to provide a scalable, user-friendly solution to reporting that would save developers and their organizations time and effort in their business intelligence initiatives.When surveyed about their use of ActiveReports Server, customers repeatedly mentioned certain features that make the tool ideal for their organization.This white paper offers top five features liked by customers.Download the white paper

Why Companies Chose ActiveReports Server

Top 5 Reasons Why Companies Chose ActiveReports Server

As their focus on data-driven decision making grows, organizations are considering ad hoc reporting tools with increased interest.This white paper shares the five reasons why companies have chosen ActiveReports Server and what features make the tool stand out from the traditional reporting tools.Download the white paper

Roadmap for Evaluating Ad Hoc Reporting Tools

5 Step Roadmap for Evaluating Ad Hoc Reporting Tools

Ad hoc reporting tools are designed to put real-time, in-depth data analysis capabilities in the hands of end users throughout an organization.Since business-wide deployment can be a resource-intensive process, executives need to ensure they choose the right product on their first try.This white paper offers five-step roadmap of evaluation processes, decision makers can fully assess the quality of the products under consideration.Download the white paper

Addressing Healthcare IT Hurdles With Adhoc BI

Addressing Healthcare IT Hurdles With Smarter, Ad Hoc Business Intelligence (BI)

Today's healthcare IT professionals face a number of challenges as they simultaneously balance innovative projects and regulatory obligations. Incorporating advanced ad hoc business intelligence tools into their daily workflows can help satisfy each overarching priority over the short and long term. This whitepaper offers a comprehensive overview of the internal and external factors IT leaders must consider as well as a discussion of the tools and tactics which will drive their success.Download the white paper